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People filming the DJ in a club in Maastricht for a Heartbeat event


"Every Beat Tells A Story"

Heartbeat Events Moonlight Flashbacks Logo
Genre: 2000s Pop, R&B, Throwbacks

Step back in time with "Moonlight Flashbacks," a night where the hits of the 2000s reign supreme, wrapped in nostalgia and lit by the glow of unforgettable memories.

Heartbeat Events Unity Logo
Genre: Top Hits, EDM, House 

A declaration of the beauty in our differences and the power of music to bring us together. A night where every voice, every step, every heartbeat finds its echo in the crowd.

Heartbeat Events Heat Logo
Heartbeat Events Heat Logo
Genre: Reggaeton & Latin 

An explosion of Latin passion and rhythm. Immerse yourself in an electrifying atmosphere filled with sizzling energy, vibrant colors, and irresistible rhythms!

Heartbeat Events Bunker Logo
Genre: Techno & Underground

Descend into our underground bunker for an unforgettable night of pulsating energy, enchanting ambiance, and wild raving!


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Complex Maastricht Logo
Now&Wow Rotterdam Logo
Maassilo Rotterdam Logo
Airworks Logo
Drie Gezusters Nijmegen (3G) Logo
Club Poema Utrecht Logo
Club Kiki Leiden Logo
Eureka week Rotterdam Logo
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INKOM Maastricht Logo
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